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Swimming levels

Level 1 - Complete beginner working on Stanley awards 1,2,3 and 4

Level 2 - Beginning to swim. Working on Stanley 4,5 or 6   


Level 3 - Able to swim the 8 metre width on front with face in and on back. Working on Stanley 6 and 7 and Goldfish 1


Level 4 - Able to swim 10 metres of a recognised Front crawl and 10 metres back crawl and a width of recognisable Breast stroke. Working on Stanley 7, Goldfish 1 and Goldfish 2.


Level 5 - Able to swim 25 metres Frontcrawl or Back stroke, and completed Goldfish 2.  Working on Goldfish 3 and Angelfish 1.


Level 6 - Able to swim Frontcrawl with bilateral breathing, Backstroke with a good alternating armpull, Breast stroke with correct breathing and 10 metres of Butterfly, arms recover over the water. Working on Angelfish 2 and 3.


Level 7 - Competent at Front crawl, Back stroke and Breast stroke over 50 metres of each. Have a basic understanding of Butterfly technique. Working on the Shark series, Water safety and Survival and the Advanced stroke series. 


Level 8 - Similar to the level 7 class but generally an older group of swimmers continuing for fun and fitness. Sometimes joined by the off duty teachers keeping fit!

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