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Our swim school rules

Swim school rules.

Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times and parents must stay in the swimming pool area whilst their children are swimming.

Spectators may watch from the gallery or the poolside benches. We ask that parents only occupy the deep end benches to prevent accidents as there is often a large amount of equipment on poolside in the shallow end.

No outdoor footwear is permitted on poolside.

No buggies, chairs or child seats on poolside.

Girls, and boys with longer hair are required to wear swimming hats during lessons.

Children and parents may use either sex changing room from 4pm-5.30pm. After this time we ask that parents and children aged 8 years and over use the correct gender changing room only. We do have a disabled changing area that larger families can use. Please ask if it is available at the time you would like to use it first.

No children spectators on poolside. Please use the gallery if you have another child with you.

Children are not permitted to play around the school grounds during lessons. 

Please do not bring dogs onto the school site.

When driving onto the school playground, please keep speed down to 10mph. Often children are still leaving the site at the end of their school day.

Children and parents are expected to behave in a safe manner during lessons. The swimming teacher is responsible for the children during the lesson. If he or she feels you or your child is acting in an unsafe manner they have the right to remove you or your child from the poolside.  The teachers decision is final. 

Parents and guardians are responsible for their own children in the changing rooms before and after their swimming lesson.

If the fire alarm, (which is one continuous alarm) goes off during swimming lessons please leave via the nearest exit. Your childs swimming teacher will remove your child from the nearest fire exit. 



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